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Brief about Mann-IT

Founded in 2001 by a team of Senior Technical and Sales staff with a strong skillset in server technology, networking, unix,  windows and technical support. Mann-IT is growing to become one of SA’s largest internet service providers and ICT consultancy firm.

We are a technology communications company, initially supplying dial up and mail servers to the small to medium sized enterprise and providing internet and connectivity services to the South African market.

Our services focus primarily on integrating the Internet and its benefits into the business systems and processes of their clients. This integration is implemented through the use of various forms of connectivity Sophos fire walling and Linux-and window based servers/routers as well a complete cloud integration with Microsoft or google.

Company Strengths

Mann-it has established a large base of communications and security servers in the corporate marketplace. Mann-it solutions are scaled to meet the ongoing changes in communication technologies.

Our Partnerships

Mann-it has achieved partner status with companies such as Telkom, Microsoft, Vox, DFA and Network platforms. These relationships ensure preferential pricing and servicing, as well as a host of smaller skilled partners in our network .

Work with us

We have a team of trained and experienced professionals.